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Mastering the Cylinder


Twisted Clay Studio
441 E Northwest Highway
Grapevine, TX  76051



Date & Time:

Sunday, January 14th - 1pm to 5pm or
Sunday, February 11th - 1pm to 5pm



Robin Carson

Cylinders & Bowls are the foundation for everything we make at the wheel. We learned this in beginner classes.  In those classes we get you started at the wheel, but for many really getting all the clay out of the bottom and up into the walls can take years to master. The truth is that when we are new to clay, it is really hard to retain the lessons that help you to make really good cylinders.  Once you have at least six months under your belt, you have capacity to really go deep on learning some skills that can help you make better cylinders. On the flip side, if this skill is not refined, we can develop habits that affect our work for years.

During this Sunday workshop Robin will cover clay preparation and throwing techniques to help you level up your
throwing.  Be prepared to cut your work in half as this workshop is not about leaving with work, but about throwing and analyzing what you can do better.

Who Should sign up?

This workshop was created with both Beginner 2 & Intermediate students in mind.  Having said that, we ask that you have at least six months of wheel experience.  Robin plans to focus on areas that will refine skills you already have in order to facilitate break through moments for things that have been troubling you at the wheel. We are allowing a maximum of 8 students to enroll in this workshop to allow for more one on one instruction.  That may not sound like a small number , but since there are four total hours in the workshop, we believe the extra time will allow Robin to spend time with each participant in order to facilitate change in your throwing technique.

How to sign up?

This summer, we sent out a google form and have already offered these spaces to those who indicated they were interested, but there are a few extra spaces available. If you are interested, simply sign up below for whichever date you are interested in.

What is needed?

Clay & Throwing Tools. You will experience the best results if you use the clay you normally throw with.

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