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Beginner Intensive &
Handbuilding Workshops


Twisted Clay Studio
441 E Northwest Highway
Grapevine, TX  76051


Class Fees
$325 - 5 Day Wheel Workshop
$185 - 3 Day Handbuilding Workshop

Supplies Needed
$25 Clay & $35 Beginner toolkit not included - Avail for purchase at the studio on the first day. If you already have tools, you will not need to purchase this item. Hand-builders will only need clay.


Wheel Workshops

This will be the fourth year for our Beginner Intensive Workshops. I am very excited to be offering these once again as it has been so much fun in years past. The classes that are most in demand in our studio seem to be our beginner classes.  This demand creates a unique opportunity each summer for beginners to learn all the basics of working with clay in one week.  You will come back each day for four days.  Then leave your items to be fired.  You will then return for your 5th and final class the following Friday to glaze your items.

These workshops will include four days of making and one day of glazing. Each class will last 2.5 hours. This sounds like a lot of time, but truthfully it goes very quickly!

Handbuilding Workshops

Last year was the first time we offered handbuilding workshops. This year we are doing it again, but this time we are doing some more involved projects. Each of these workshops will be three days. Two days will be for the slab work and then you will return the next week for glazing.


The handbuilding workshops will be for all levels.


Below you will see the description of each workshop, and the days you will need to be in attendance.

Who Should Signup?

The wheel workshops are for adult beginner students.  We plan to focus on creating a foundation in clay. In our pottery studio, we usually feel most students need two beginner courses before they are ready for beginner 2.  There are times when these beginner workshops help to keep that down to one as you have less time to forget what you learned before having your next lesson. If you have little to no experience with clay or on the potter's wheel these classes are for you.

How to sign up?

Signups will go live this Sunday, April 21st at 1pm. The sign up links will be posted next to the description of each workshop listed below.  I am hoping this makes it easy to understand which workshop you are signing up for since there are several available.

Helpful Tip: If our class sigups from the last several courses are any indication, it might be a good idea if you take a look and plan ahead on which class you would like to take.  Also, if you would like to take a class with friends, be sure you are both signing up simultaneously.

Week 5 - July 1st - 5th Plus Glazing

Hand Building Workshop - Face Planters

July 1st, 2nd & 11th - 9:30am - 12pm

Monday, July 1st - Roll Slabs and Begin Assembly

Tuesday, July 2nd - Finish Building & Decorating

Thursday, July 11th - Glazing

Hand Building Workshop - Gnomes

July 3rd, 5th & 12th- 9:30am - 12pm

Wednesday, July 3rd - Roll Slabs and Begin Assembly

Friday, July 5th - Finish Building & decorating

Friday, July 12th - Glazing

Beginner Wheel Workshop - Evening

6:30pm - 9pm

Monday, July 1st - Throwing Cylinders

Tuesday, July 2nd - Throwing Bowls

Wednesday, July 3rd - Trimming on the Wheel

Friday, July 5th - Handbuild a Mug

Friday, July 12th - Glazing

Return Policy & Makup Classes

Please keep in mind that sign-ups are for a specific class time on specific dates.  Twisted Clay does not offer make-up classes. We cannot guarantee accommodation, but will likely be able to offer some flexibility on glazing for the workshops only if you let us know in advance. We typically cannot offer glazing makups, but since we have so many workshops, in years past it hasn't been too much trouble as long as they attend a different workshop glazing class that is the same type of work. There is a strong need for you to communicate this as soon as possible after signup up so we can give you the best chance of getting your glazing complete.

We do not offer refunds for classes once you have signed up as we turn students away from the studio every sign up period.  There is no option to prorate the class. The one exception to the refund policy is if you were hoping to take the class with a friend and you both did not get a space. You do need to email us or call immediately in order to receive a refund. Be sure you do not wait till the next day for this as you will no longer be eligible to receive the refund. The phones are very busy during our signup period so be sure you leave a voice mail if you call and we will be sure to call you back as quickly as possible.

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