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If you are a current Studio Member, your membership includes both your weekly class and two visits to studio plus each month. These visits are meant to help you stay on track with your classes in case you miss a week of class, need to catch up or just would like to practice. 

When you come to studio plus, find a staff member to help you get your board from your class ware cart.  If your board is in the front, you won't need help, but if it is behind someone else's board, we ask that you ask a staff member to move the board in front of yours so no accidental damage happens to your class mates work.

If you run out of studio plus visits you will be charged $25 for additional visits. If you run out of board space and would like an additional board, you can ask a staff member for an additional board.  This board  will cost you one studio visit per week that you have it.  If the extra board fits directly above your work and still fit in the two rung max, you will not be charged for the board.

Studio Plus Member Hours

Daytime Hours

Tuesday 9am - 4pm

Wednesday 9am - 4pm

Thursday 9am - 4pm

Friday 9am - 4pm

Evening Hours

Tuesday 5pm - 9pm

Wednesday 5pm - 9pm

Thursday 5pm - 9pm

Studio Plus Closes Daily for Cleaning Between 4pm - 5pm
We ask that all cleanup be concluded by 4pm in order to give studio staff enough time to complete their cleanup prior to reopening at 5pm

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