With COVID-19 the studio membership is taking on a new shape.  

Twisted Clay is offering online instruction and clay to go along with it.  If you are interested in both supporting the studio and learning to work in clay using hand-building techniques from your home, please feel free to sign up for membership.  Any memberships that are signed up for during this time will not be subject to any of early termination penalties that go hand in hand with the various commitments so pick the level you feel works best for you and know there is no long term commitment at this crazy time!  

If you are interested but would like more information on what will be included in membership at this time, please click here!



Studio Membership is offered to those who know they will be in class on a more ongoing basis.  It is a wonderful way to secure your space over time and go deep with your skill building.  Please keep in mind that if you stop your membership before glazing week, you will not have finished pots as we all glaze together on the 6th week of class.  

For this reason, month to month membership as a min of six weeks as it must start and stop in connection with the six week sessions.  This membership is meant to offer membership benefits to those who are not sure of how long they will be at the studio.  But the min. time commitment in the monthly membership is a full six week session.

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