Age: 10 and up

Instruction: An Introduction to the potter's wheel

Price: includes clay, glazing & firing.  The studio will also provide tools for use while in the studio. 


Covid Precautions: Masks will be required and we will have a max of 12 kids each week.  The studio also sanitizes after each class with a bleach solution to leave the studio clean for the next group.

Dates & Times: This camp will take place on the following dates / times


Monday, June 14th - 9:30 - 12:00pm (Throwing on the Wheel - Cylinders)

Tuesday, June 15th - 9:30 - 12:00pm (Throwing on the Wheel - Bowls)

Wednesday, June 16th - 9:30 - 12:00pm (Trimming on the wheel - All items made)

No class on Thursday or Friday as we will be firing the work for glazing

Saturday, June 19th - 9:30 - 12pm (Glazing) 

We will be loading the kilns on Saturday evening and the pottery will be available for pickup the next week as soon as Tuesday.  This schedule is a bit non-traditional with the two-day gap, but this allows the kids to complete their work start to finish in one week's time.  Pottery takes time to dry and fire so we need those two days to get the work fired and ready for glazing.


As space is limited as we are capping participation at 12 students.  These camps are non-refundable once we are two weeks from the start date.  If it is more than two weeks from the start date and you wish to cancel, we will refund your signup fee minus $50.  


Important Notes:  We will do our best to social distance, but in order to offer quality instruction it is not possible 100% of the time.  Kids will be required to wear a mask at all times covering both their nose and mouth.  They will be seated 3 feet apart side by side and 6 feet accross from one another.  We will not allow food in the studio as it would require removing a mask.  Please be sure to arrive on time for both drop off and pickup.  If students arrive late, they will miss the demo causing them to not understand the instructions of how to work on the wheel.  We will offer a 10 minute grace period for pickup but after that we will charge a $20 late pickup fee as we have to reset the studo for our members who will arrive shortly after the kids class concludes.  Parents are not permitted to stay during the class as the class is for kids only so please plan to drop off and pickup your child at the respective time.

Kids Camp Week 2 (June 14th, 15th, 16th & 19th)

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